LTS Camera Login from PC

See the IE Tab howto for Chrome and use Chrome from now on as IE is getting fazed out.

IE Tab Howto

1. Open up Chrome at the site where

the camera recorder is located and find your public IP Address.

Bring up

Search for your ip address

Your outside ip address will show up

Use this ip when away from your local network.

When on your local network, ask the installer for your local ip.

On you pc, enter your ip address including the port number on the end.

Port number will vary, get that from the installer.

Your login screen will appear


Enter your login Credentials that you got from the installer.

Note: Follow the Chrome IE tab instructions on logging in using the IE Tab.

Once logged in, you will see this.

Click Start All Live View

If your have never logged onto this before you will see this line of text in the middle of the screen.

Click on the text in the screen and the popup box

 at the bottom will appear instructing you to run the 

web components installer. Do so when it appears.

It is best to close the browser when installing web components.

Make sure that the status line goes to 100% or it will not work.

Click Finish


Log into your DVR again with Chrome and

click on start live view on all cameras.

You can also go to the playback tab to lay back previous video recordings.

Select the camera, click on the date on the map, wait for the timeline

to populate at the bottom of the screen.