Mobile App Migration Notice

Here are instructions on getting the new APP.

Go to the Play Store / Apple Store

Search for  LTS Connect.

Get/Download  the App and 

Open/Install it.

You will have to accept it accessing

your pictures and media folders to

install it.

Then select a region (USA)

Check on top right corner to procede.



On Desktop of phone


Don't log in.

Select Add New  +

You can get the information from your

old app on the phone.


Select Manual Adding

It Says, One device can only be

added to one phone. You can share

the device to others. 

That is for the QR Code Add method

that is explained on the pdf.

Were doing another method.


Device Type

Select IP/Domain


Fill in Info

(Get the info from your old software)


Call Minn-Kota for the information.

Alias is a display name

Address is IP or DNS Address

Port is 8000

User Name is your user name

Password = your password

See below


Save Device


Touch live view at the bottom



Live View 16 Cameras



Click the left arrow at the top left to

go back to the menu screen.

To get back to the cameras tap here


Quick Index


Download Full PDF Helpfile.

Note: setup might be different than

I have instructed. I like my way better.